Author Information

This page contains guidelines and information about submitting the different types of submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Full papers accepted for the Springer book:

  • Please consider all reviewers’ comments when preparing your final paper.
  • Please prepare your final paper in the DOC template file. You probably already used the template for preparing your paper for review. Don’t put too much effort in layouting the text, as it will be further processed before printing.
  • Please include all the figures in your final paper.
  • If excerpts from copyrighted works (including websites) such as illustrations, tables, animations, or text quotations are included in your manuscript, please use the Permission Request Form to obtain permission from the copyright holder (usually the original publisher) for both the print and online format.
  • Please include all authors’ affiliation and email address in the final paper. The email addresses (also published in the chapters) will be used by Springer to provide authors with a personal MySpringer account to download a free copy of the eBook.
  • For more information regarding the manuscript structure, figure resolution, reference style etc., please refer to Springer.
  • Please fill, sign and scan the “Consent to Publish” form.
  • Please submit the following documents (in a zip file) via email to not later by 29 August 2016:
    1. your final paper as DOC or DOCX file (not PDF);
    2. a PDF document describing how you address all reviewers’ suggestions;
    3. signed “Consent to Publish” form (in PDF);
    4. permission agreement from original publishers (if you include any copyrighted works in your final paper, see above).
  • Please register for the conference by 18 September 2016 2 October 2016.

Contributions accepted for the online proceedings:

  • You can submit a full paper or an extended abstract, depending on your preferences. If you plan to expand your work and submit it to a journal (or book), we would recommend you provide us an extended abstract.
  • They will be published in the online proceedings as they are, without any further editing by us. The only exception is that we will add page numbers and bibliographic information. It is therefore very important that you strictly follow the guidelines in the DOC template file for full papers, or DOC template file for extended abstracts.
  • Please note that the online proceedings (with an ISBN) will be published online at the conference website, and you are responsible for any copyright issues that might occur with your contribution.
  • There is no page limit.
  • Please submit your contribution as a PDF file to Easychair by 1 October 2016 17 October 2016.
    • Login to Easychair website
    • Click “Proceedings” at the main menu, and select “Paper ..”
    • Use “Update authors” on the top-right to add/remove/update authors (if necessary)
    • Use “Update new version” to upload your camera-ready version
  • Please register for the conference by 18 September 2016 2 October 2016.